James was fantastic. A true master at his craft. Very professional, friendly, and patient. Highly recommend.

Joseph E.

My husband, 20 year old son, 16 year old daughter and I took the NRA class today. We LOVED it! Great instruction and great instructor. So glad we did this. Thanks Jim!

Nancy H.

I wanted to send you a note today to say THANK YOU for such an awesome day yesterday! You were super patient with Lori and I and certainly spent a LOT longer with us than what was expected. You went above and beyond to provide a thorough class and helped us get comfortable with the safety, laws and confidence we needed. We definitely want to take you up on the offer to get together with us for an hourly fee at the range. She had to leave town today and I leave on Thursday morning, but once we’re both back and can schedule something, we’ll reach out to you with some dates. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!

Tammy B.

James thank you for your patience! I really didn’t want to do this course because of my fear of guns. However, you made the experience very informative and interesting! We will be in touch with some more range time.

Lori M.

This was actually my first time holding a gun and shooting one as well, but James was very informative and patient while teaching me all about the basics about guns, guns safety, and shooting as well. When ever I had any questions during and after the NRA class, James was always informative and helpful. Also while at the shooting range, James had also made sure everything was safe and secure before and after the shooting. Even before I was shooting James still informed me and guided me through a step by step procedure with NRA rules and guidelines. Even though it was my first time ever shooting or handling a gun, with James guiding me and assisting me through out the class and the shooting range, I had an amazing shooting accuracy all thanks to James Dowler my NRA Instructor. I really enjoyed my time and felt relaxed throughout the class and the shooting range as well. I will definitely go with James again at the shooting range to even better improve my accuracy with his knowledge about guns.

Thanks James,

Amjad F.

I took the basic NRA pistol course with instructor Dowler and found him to be one of the most knowledgeable and proficient trainers I could have hoped for. I’d recommend him for anyone seeking good solid NRA certified instruction.

John L.

I wanted to thank for taking the time to work with me…My shot grouping has never been better and the trigger control tips really work . But more important to me is the tips on the mental preparation and how the mind works in stressful situations……I look forward to doing additional training with you very soon and hopefully I will be bringing my son and daughter……

Mike H.

It had been nearly 50 years since I held a pistol but at 64 years old I was ready to try again. I bought a Smith & Wesson pistol but was literally afraid to take it out of the box. I found Jim Dowler through the NRA website and signed up for a basic course. We talked about my skill level (NONE!) and he arranged his schedule to make me his only pupil. After a half day course and time with him at the range I’m hooked! And I am confident that had I taken lessons with anyone else, the experience would not have been the same. Jim is a skilled professional. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient with beginners. With an emphasis on safety, he guided this novice through the very beginning stages of what I am confident with be a long term love of firearms and shooting. I just wish there were more courses he offered!

Adele C.

Dear James,

Thank you so much for your patient and knowledgeable help in re-acquainting me with a sidearm after nearly 40 years. I felt relaxed and totally comfortable with your experience, your NRA training and your command of the basics that I needed to refresh my abilities. After working with you, I will definitely be bringing my wife for her first experience with basic hand gun training.

Thank you again,

Tom D.

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