Are You A Total Newbie Itching To Become A Safe And Confident Gun Owner?

How To Master Gun Safety, Crush Your Fears and Gain ROCK SOLID Shooting Skills...

(even if you don't have a gun and have no idea where to start...)

Once upon a time, in a quiet neighborhood, there were two men who decided to build their houses. One man, let's call him Jack, chose to build his house on a solid rock foundation. The other man, named Mark, opted for a quick and easy approach by constructing his house on loose sand.

As time passed, both men began their journey as gun owners...

Jack, being a responsible and safety-conscious individual, recognized the importance of building a firm foundation for his firearm safety and skills. He understood that just like his house, his proficiency as a gun owner needed to be built on a solid rock of firearm safety and shooting fundamentals.

Jack embarked on a quest to become a safe and responsible gun owner by enrolling in the Beginners GUide VIP Gold member package. Each class served as a building block, strengthening his foundation one brick at a time. Through these classes, he learned the importance of firearm safety rules, proper handling techniques, and the fundamental principles of marksmanship. Most importantly how he could keep his family safe and avoid an accidental shooting.

With each passing class, Jack's confidence and competence grew...

He honed his skills in a controlled and supportive environment, guided by experienced instructors who emphasized the significance of responsible gun ownership. They instilled in him the values of awareness, discipline, and respect for firearms.

Meanwhile, Mark, the other gun owner, neglected to invest in his knowledge and skills. He took a careless approach, ignoring the need for a strong foundation. He saw no reason to waste time and money on training. After all, he thought, how hard could it be to handle a gun?

Tragically, one fateful day, Mark's lack of training and disregard for building a firm foundation caught up with him...

While handling his firearm without proper knowledge, an accident occurred, endangering not only himself but also his loved ones. The consequences of his neglect were stark and irreversible.

On the other hand, Jack, who diligently built his foundation through those six shooting classes, stood as a shining example of responsible gun ownership. His firm understanding of firearm safety and shooting fundamentals allowed him to handle his weapon with confidence, protecting himself and his family from the potential dangers of accidental shootings.

The tale of these two gun owners serves as a powerful analogy for all aspiring firearm enthusiasts.

Just like building a house on a solid rock foundation, becoming a safe and responsible gun owner requires investing in a firm foundation of knowledge and skills.

The Beginners Guide VIP Gold Member training classes represent the crucial building blocks that enable individuals to develop the necessary expertise to handle firearms responsibly.

By emphasizing the significance of a firm foundation through these six shooting classes, we empower gun owners to become guardians of safety.

Together, we can ensure that every firearm owner has the knowledge, skills, and responsibility needed to protect themselves and their loved ones from the dangers that may lurk if the foundation is built on sand.

Introducing The Beginners Guide VIP Gold Member

Here's What You're Going To Get...

6x One Hours Training Classes At The Gun Range

Plus, You're Going To Get These 5 Amazing Bonuses

(That You Would Be Crazy To Miss...)

🔥 BONUS #1


{Value $69}

“Get My Favorite Handgun Cleaning Supplies, So You Can Avoid Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Buying Cleaning Supplies That Suck…”

Many years ago a man entered my gun store and asked me to inspect his concealed carry firearm.  He then went on to tell me how he always carries his gun no matter where he goes. 

As I began looking at his firearm I realized it was rusted solid. Nothing about this firearm worked.  For years this man thought he was carrying a firearm for self-defense and really he had a chunk of worthless metal. 

🔥 BONUS #2


{ Value $24}

“3 Critical Questions Every Gun Owner Must Ask… (This Is The Secret To Rapid Increase Your Skills.)”

Over the last 12 years, I've discovered three critical questions every gun owner should ask after shooting at the range. These three questions are the secret my students are using to rapidly increase their skills, confidence, and abilities without wasting years trying to figure it out on their own.

Inside of the ‘Sheepdog Shooting Logbook’ you will be able to document your training after each trip to the range, track your improvement and ask yourself the 3 critical questions.

🔥 BONUS #3


{Value $24}

“How To Identify And Fix Firearm Malfunctions Without The Fear Of An Accidental Shooting… (So That You Know What To Do And How To Do It.)”

Do you know the step-by-step process to identify and fix a basic malfunction? Do you know the #1 thing you should never do if you receive a deadly malfunction at the range?

The ‘Lifesaver Cheat Sheets’ are small cards that fit inside your range bag and provide you with the step-by-step process to fix a basic or deadly malfunction safely. Without having to memorize dozens of steps on your own.


Handgun Cleaning Masterclass....

{ Value $247}

“Discover The 5 Deadly Mistakes Gun Owners Make When Cleaning A Handgun… (And How You Can Avoid Getting Shot)”

Handgun Cleaning Masterclass is precisely what every gun owner needs to know to clean & maintain their firearms.

👉 The Step-By-Step Process I Use To Eliminate An Accident While Cleaning My Handguns, So That You Can Rest Assured You And Your Loved Ones Are Safe…

👉 How To Take Your Handgun Apart And Put It Back Together, So That You Know Your Handgun Is Going To Function Properly…

👉 How To Clean Your Handgun, So That You Can Count On It Working In a Violent Attack…

🔥 BONUS #5

Sheepdog Survival Light

{Value $97}

“How To Light Up The Darkness And Send The Wolves Running For The Shadows… (I Carry This Light Every Single Day)”

The Sheepdog Survival Light is by far one of the most versatile tools I carry when I go to the range.

Let's face it guns ranges are not known for having amazing lighting and when I need to inspect my firearm for damage or a malfunctions theirs only one flashlight that I trust, my ‘Sheepdog Survival Light’

Yes! I I am Ready To Master Gun Safety, Crush My Fears and Gain ROCK SOLID Shooting Skills...

If you’re still here trying to decide if this is right for you or not...

I’ll show you a few VIP Members who were just like you, trying to decide if they should take this offer, and they took the leap of faith, got started, and experienced great success. 

I want you to hear what they said in their own words.....

👑 VIP Gold Member: Elaine

"I decided to register for The Beginners Guide To Firearms VIP to make sure I felt comfortable handling a gun to protect myself.  I knew I needed more than one shooting lesson and it was essential for me to learn how to handle a gun properly from the start and overcome my fear of making a mistake. The Beginners Guide To Firearms online course and range classes enforced the step-by-step process I needed to follow to safely handle a firearm.

I feel much more comfortable shooting now than I did my first day. I'm the one that thought I was going to puke 😂 the first time we met at the range. 

I've been shooting five times now, and every time I leave the range, I feel more confident in my shooting abilities. I look forward to learning more!"

👑 VIP Gold Member: Ryan

"I did six years in the Navy. But we didn't do as much shooting as I wanted. I wanted to transfer what I did know and learn the correct way to handle a gun so that I would be able to protect my family. 

The course was fun. I loved it. Even though some of the drills were a little bit more difficult, it makes me want to keep practicing to get better. 

Learn from somebody who knows what they're talking about, and I feel you get a lot of value, and you'll be safe doing your training with a qualified instructor standing next to you." 

👑 VIP Gold Member: Liz

"I'm actually pretty new. This is probably my fifth or sixth time shooting a gun ever. So I wanted to learn the proper way before purchasing a firearm and started carrying concealed.  I wanted to learn how to be safe with a firearm because you never know when something will happen, and I want to be prepared. 

It's why I wanted to actually do it. And maybe tomorrow there will be something going on, and then I'll be prepared.  If you are carrying a gun, you should take this course because even if you've been shooting for 10 years, you're never prepared." 

👑VIP Gold Member: Devin

"Before taking The Beginners Guide To Firearms VIP, I would go to the range, but I didn't know what I was doing right or wrong.  I did know that I was wasting a lot of money, ammo, and time.

The course was an experience. I am responsible for taking classes like this because things could go wrong so fast, and I need to be ready. If you're a gun owner, it's your responsibility to spend the money to be trained by someone who has been doing this for years.

You can have a gun, but it's pointless if you don't know how to use it. It's your responsibility to make sure that you're well prepared. If you're not, you're just holding a dangerous weapon." 

Here's What You're Going To Get...

When You Sign Up For the Beginners Guide VIP Gold Member Today...

🔥 The Beginners Guide To Firearms...(Value $159)
🔥 The Experts Guide To Kids and Guns™...(Value $197)
🔥 6x One Hour Range Classes....(Value $779)
🔥 Essentials Cleaning Kit...(Value $69)
🔥 CleaningMasterclass™...(Value $247)
🔥 Shooting Log Book....(Value $24)
🔥 Sheepdog Survival Light...(Value $97)
🔥 Life Saving Cheat Sheets...(Priceless)

Total Value $1569

You Pay Only $597

**Limited Time Offer Regular Price $997** We reserve the right to change this price at anytime and have no obligation to offer at the discounted price of $597.

Yes! I I am Ready To Master Gun Safety, Crush My Fears and Gain ROCK SOLID Shooting Skills...

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