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Concealed Carry Masterclass™

Perfect for anyone who would like to get their Florida concealed carry permit. This class is for everyone, beginners are welcome.

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Beginners Guide to Firearms™

Perfect For Beginners to Notice Looking to Develop Safe Firearm Handling and Shooting Fundamentals

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Range Training


Perfect for anyone who wants one-on-one range training tailored to you. From beginner to expert, we'll access your needs, and help you get to the next level.

Survival Fittest Pistol Courses Has Safely Trained Over 1,000 Students

About Your Instructor James Dowler


NRA Certified Instructor. Over the last 35 years I have taken several hundred hours of firearms training with Smith & Wesson, the NRA, and other organizations.

Professional Life
I am James Dowler a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and founder of Survival of the Fittest Pistol Courses. I offer courses in firearm safety that are designed to familiarize you with your pistol and all of its features, while also teaching you how to properly carry and accurately shoot your pistol.

All the classes I teach exceed the training requirements for a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit and is good in 38 States. While living in Massachusetts, I worked at Smith & Wesson and as an armed guard. Before I started my firearm safety business in Palm Harbor, Florida.

I worked as a Range Safety Officer in Clearwater, Florida. I feel strongly that anyone who owns a gun should know how to use it safely and feel comfortable with the decision they are making. Training and education are key to owning a gun, but also for anyone who is being trusted to help people become experts with their firearm. My education has spanned several hundred hours of training, as mentioned above, including licenses and certifications. I continually take courses to grow my knowledge and expertise in new areas of firearms and firearms safety.

Personal Life

Since the age of 7, I have had continuous experience and exposure to firearms and firearm safety. This began as a way to bond with my Grandfather, and quickly became a passion for me as I learned about the historical influence various firearms have had on the world.

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James and His Family

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James Dowler

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